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Ciao! Armed with a wooden spoon, I'm a 23 year old (18 at heart) Annie with an insatiable hunger to prove myself as something. Welcome to my blog where you will find details of my life and recovery and also my ChompTimesNom! recipes with my little mascot, Chompy. Stop for a coffee, why don't you? Keep smiling xx

w i d e.

Once again guys I find myself apologising. I’ve not been doing so well, ashamed of my progress (or lack thereof). I guess when you starve yourself for so long, the knock on effect of needing to eat, rapidly and frantically, … Continue reading

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So. It’s been a while. I have been exceptionally busy these past two months. I changed jobs, had Kitacon, got a boyfriend and most importantly, moved out of home! I furnished it myself and am exceptionally poor but exceptionally happy … Continue reading

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ChompTimesNom! Raspberry Protein Cupcakes

This recipe sadly didn’t make it into KitaCon Invasion’s conbook, but here it is all the same! 😀   When cooking with whey, you can never expect them to be EXACTLY like the original. They will have a different texture, … Continue reading

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ChompTimesNom! Spaghetti con Polpette di Tonno al Pomodoro

This recipe was featured in Kitacon Invasion [2014]’s Conbook 🙂 Chompy knows I’m very proud of my heritage and as such regularly cook Italian food and keep it as a huge part of my diet. Mediterranean diets are known to … Continue reading

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ChompTimesNom! Pizza Polenta Bowl

  Happy Sunday, my lovely Chompers, and happy 92nd to my wonderful Grandad! Unbelievable how healthy he is at his age. The genes are certainly in my favour. If I can still be attending to my garden at his age … Continue reading

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A few months ago I posted my blog entry about my experience in starvation ( My recovery was going pretty slow and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I felt like my support was scattered. My parents were afraid, so were … Continue reading

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ChompTimesNom! Instant Inside-Out Lasagne feat Barenaked Noodles

Ohaider. Fancy seeing you here. You have probably been directed here from my recent review of Barenaked Noodles, but if not, here’s the post: I adore Lasagne Al Forno, it’s such a comfort food of mine, given we would always … Continue reading

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