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Happy Sunday, my lovely Chompers, and happy 92nd to my wonderful Grandad! Unbelievable how healthy he is at his age. The genes are certainly in my favour. If I can still be attending to my garden at his age and be well and comfortable I can’t complain!



      92, knows what a ‘Selfie’ is

We went for a meal at a Chef and Brewers chain pub. Food was alright, I actually think I won in terms of food. I had a Mediterranean chicken dish as for the past week I have been Gluten Free and I couldn’t have their gravy on the Sunday Roast options. Now don’t be thinking I have jumped on some ignorant bandwagon and thought gluten free would help me lose weight or something just as ridiculous. Right now Si and I are trying to find out the cause of my stomach bloating which has disturbed me since I was young. He believes I have a food intolerance and the doctors won’t give me any testing until I put in some work myself and try cutting out the obvious. I have tried many vegetables, this time it’s gluten, next is dairy >_< Now, on the first day of my GF endevours I had a huge pizza craving. This was really annoying for me. I thought I could buy a special pizza base or bread or some flour and make my own. But then what’s the fun in that? I had planned to have rice that night but I took it as an opportunity to be creative! Enter polenta!

For those of you who don’t know what polenta is, may know it as cornmeal. I’ve only ever eaten it as a bread in Italy, accompanying some stew but it is frequently served as a creamy mixture which makes a nice alternative to mashed potatoes. Without further ado, here is the recipe!




You will need:

> 75g instant polenta (I used Merchant Gourmet) *See Note 1
> 36g Philadelphia Lightest *See Note 2 
> 5-10g parmesan
> Teaspoon dried mixed Italian herbs
> 2 cloves garlic AND a teaspoon of garlic granules
> Vegetables (they’re GOOD FOR YOU) I used:
-25g frozen mixed peppers
-60g frozen spinach
-60g chopped mushroom. I say chopped, I just broke them apart with my hands to save a knife being washed up. 

>60g cherry tomatoes
>25g tomato puree

>Any toppings you want (treat it like any normal pizza), I used:
-One slice Asda Oven Baked Ham (leftover lunch meat)
-25g grated Catherdral City Lighter Cheese. 


Measure out your dried polenta directly in the saucepan and add around 200ml of cold water to start with. Turn the heat on medium and stir constantly to prevent lumping. The longer you cook the polenta the more it’ll thicken so you can make this super volumous! You’ll need to keep adding water as you go but the consistency is up to you. I like mine quite thick. so act as a breadier base. 


And it was allll yellowwww

Add the “moisturizer” – (the Philadelphia). Keep stirring, this stuff can clump! In goes the seasoning and garlic, and turn the heat off. Meanwhile, pop the peppers and spinach in another saucepan and when they’ve defrosted, put in the mushrooms. Because of the moisture from defrosting the other veg, you can get away with not using oil. When cooked, add the veggies to the polenta, along with your parmesan and stir in on a low heat. Add water if needed. 

Smoosh 6 cherry tomatoes in the saucepan you cooked your other veggies in with some boiling water. Remove the skins when they peel off freely, add your puree and stir on a medium heat – don’t let it dry out too much. If it starts to hiss, turn the heat off. 

Next I took my ham slice and nuked it in the microwave to give it a more smokey bacon flavour and then chopped into pieces (or ripped apart like an uncivilized human being). 

Attend to your polenta again. If the cheese has melted and the thickness is to your liking, it’s time to pour it into your bowl. Smear the tomato sauce on top. While that sits, pop the ham in a pan just to crisp up if desired. While this happens, (it’ll pop like crazy, so watch out!) grate about 15g of the cheese on top of the polenta and tomato. Throw on the hot, crispy ham and then top with another 10g cheese. If you want this to melt, you can throw it in the microwave for about a minute or two. And there you have it. Polenta Pizza :3

Image*NOTE 1 – The packet states 60g a serving. It doesn’t look like much in the pan but it does get very volumous. If, like me, your appetite is that of a hungry hungry Italian, then use 75g. 

*NOTE 2 – OR 20g butter OR a tablespoon olive oil

530 calories 35 protein 10 fat 72 carbs 5 fibre

It’s higher in carbs than I usually go..but damn is it worth it 🙂




Smile for me, 
Ansi xx





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