ChompTimesNom! Coconut Milk Free Healthy Thai Green Curry, featuring Peanut Butter

So I got a request from the same lovely lady who asked for the Zucchini Brownies. Here’s to you, Kate!

I decided one day I needed Thai Green Curry and I also required peanut butter (ever get those random cravings?) so therefore I had to make a big batch and make my family have it too.

The following recipe will feed a family of 4, or 3 very greedy Italians.

You will need!
>4 Chicken breasts – roughly 500-600g
> Fat Free Greek Yogurt 200g (See Note 1)
>1 large onion
>2-5 cloves of garlic (see Note 2)
>1 large zucchini/courgette (my heritage makes me so torn on what I should call these)
>Handful of large white mushrooms – about 100g
>Handful of frozen mixed peppers – about 100g or about 1 and a half fresh bell peppers
>Handful of frozen green beans – about 100g
>About 6 balls of frozen spinach, or a bag of pre packaged fresh spinach.
>Half a jar of Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste (See Note [more defence] 3)
>1 Reduced Salt Chicken Oxo Cube
>Coconut Flour – 20g (I used Tiana’s)
>Coconut Oil – 13g (I used Bulk Powders) (See Note 4)
>ALL NATURAL Crunchy Peanut Butter – 75g (I used Bulk Powders) (See Note 4)
>Ground Ginger
>Dried Corriander

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures for this one, I’ll try and remember to take more as I cook in anticipation 🙂

Thai Green Peanut Curry

Thai Green Peanut Curry


Unless you were clever enough to buy already diced/sliced/chopped chicken breast then carefully slice the breasts into desired size and shapes. Make sure you clean your hands and surfaces after touching raw chicken (but you probably already knew that 😉 ).

Take a spoonful of coconut oil and melt it in the pot. Only about 5g will be needed at the moment. Tip the chicken in and stir until they’re cooked. If they start to dry out, feel free to add more oil but I didn’t find this necessary at all. The good thing about coconut oil is that it goes a long way.
Once cooked, start adding your chopped vegetables. I used courgette, mushrooms, onion and garlic. Other veg that would work could be potato, swede, aubergine, peas, it’s really up to you, this is just what I had at hand.

Add the frozen peppers and green beans. And stir (these will take care of themselves, just leave them to it ^_^)

Make up about 100 ml of chicken stock – I used reduced salt because…well if I can help myself just that little bit for no extra effort I will. Pour that to the mixture and turn the heat off.

Once it’s cooled a little bit, add your yogurt. I found the Asda’s more liquidy version aided in making sure the yogurt didn’t curdle or separate in the mixing pot. If it does curdle, it’s not a massive tragedy but it’s not to be desired. Just scoop out the larger curdles. Alternatively you could use fat free cream cheese. Turn the heat back on and keep low.

It’s up to you how much curry paste you use according to how spicy you like it. The jar advises it’s to be used for 8 people, so I used about ½ the jar for my family. If you’re not sure, add a teaspoon and stir and taste at a time to get the right amount for you. If you put too much in just add more yogurt to counter it. The sauce should be quite liquidy, not thick so add water as you go as it will reduce. Slowly increase the temperature as you do this. At this point, I advise you add the frozen balls of spinach.

Add dried ginger and coriander to taste. I like a lot herbs and spices in my food so the spice box is my favourite kitchen toy. I also added some garlic ganules and a fair amount of pepper.



Taste it. If you want a bit more of a coconut flavour I advise adding more oil and some coconut flour for a touch of sweetness but this is completely optional, as is the next step. I have nothing against coconut milk, but I know my family aren’t as keen so this is how I achieve just a light touch of coconut (which compliments the dish so perfectly).

I’m addicted to peanut butter. I could eat it all day every day, just on its own and I don’t even need a spoon, just my hands. Because of this, a generous amount to the mixture the very first time I made this. Sadly, the flavour didn’t carry through as well as I’d hoped, and I could have achieved the same by a last minute generous dollop of crunchy all natural pb. Stir it through til it’s melted aaaand you’re done!

Best Enjoyed with Chopsticks

Best Enjoyed with Chopsticks

And Maybe a Little More Light

And Maybe a Little More Light

I served it with brown rice, and I had a cheeky spring roll too (but I’ll let Asda take the credit for them). You could also serve with noodles or just have it on its own!

Total: Calories: 1,649 Protein:
Per Serving: 412 54 14 15 6

You can find this recipe on My Fitness Pal under ChompTimesNom Thai Green Peanut Curry

Note 1: For this I used Asda’s own small pot of fat free greek yogurt. I prefer using Total Fage or Liberte or  Chobani normally as these are thicker, as Greek Yogurt is meant to be, but

Note 2: The intensity of the garlic flavour will alter according to how you chop it. Once you chop a garlic clove, all the flavours and scents are released, and the more you chop, the more that’s released. If you want a strong taste of garlic in there, then very finely dice the cloves. If you prefer just a delicate flavour, larger chunks are fine.

Note 3: Now, I usually never allow a pre mixed sauce from a jar to go near my cooking (ESPECIALLY ITALIAN!!!) but because my knowledge of Thai food is limited and I was short of time, I bought this Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste.

Note 4: I recommend (and others – but for this recipe this is just who I’d recently bought my protein from) for these products. Cheap and excellent quality! If you would like to order from them, feel free to use my referral code: AP81028.

Smile for me,
Ansi xx


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