ChompTimesNom! Healthy Brownies Inside


No thanks to my normal readers, I FINALLY got a recipe request. Though I’m trying to get better, I still relentlessly calorie count on MyFitnessPal, but on there I get some of the best support from other people in recovery. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without those ladies who can be there for me my friends can’t.


So thank you, dear ^_^

Anyway, here goes for my first recipe request: Zucchini Brownies. These brownies are really rather natural! They contain no butter or oil, no unnatural sugar and are gluten free.

This is my adaptation of the famous ChocolateCoveredKatie’s Zucchini Brownies (you can find her recipe here:

So here goes!

You will need:

  • 100g of courgette
  • One large ripe banana 
  • 150g Quark (I used Lake District’s) *See Note 1
  • 20g Milled Flax Seed (I used Prewett’s)
  • 70g of Cocoa Powder (I used Cadbury’s Bournville)
  • 100g Coconut Flour (I used Tiana’s)
  • 100ml milk (I used skimmed cow’s milk) *See Note 2
  • 50g Liquid Egg Whites (I used Two Chicks) *See Note 3
  • 250ml water
  • 1tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 25g Pure Honey *See Note 4


  1. Using a normal cheese grater, grate the courgette into shreds. It may create a bit of mush and water but that’s completely fine.
  2. Chop the banana into small pieces OR mash up it with a fork and add that to the courgette. Make sure the banana is very ripe or the brownies will be on the bitter side.
  3. Pour in the milled flax seeds and stir thoroughly.
  4. At this point the mixture will be lumpy and probably quite dry depending on whether you mashed the banana or not. Don’t panic though.
  5. Add the Quark and coat it over the entire mixture so far before adding the cocoa powder.
  6. Now add in the coconut flour. The batter should be dry, clumpy and sticky (and look absolutely foul….a little like this)
  7. Now it’s time to add your milk and egg white. Mix again until it starts to smooth out a little.
  8. Now add in the last bits – the vanilla and the baking powder and the honey. It should look like this:
  9. If your mixture is still too dry, add a cup of water at around 250ml. And now! It’s time to blend. I used a hand blender but if you have a food processor or some other fancy gadget that’s cool too, you’re just looking to break down the strands of courgette and lumps of banana.
  10. When the mixture is smooth, give it a taste, cause this is the part where you can add little extras. If it’s too bitter I recommend adding more banana or honey, dried prunes, applesauce or stevia to keep it natural. If that doesn’t fuss you then add some caster sugar, splenda, or even melted chocolate!
  11. If it is sweet enough but it’s still missing something then here’s a few suggestions:

>Chopped almonds/walnuts/pecans/pistachios/brazil nuts/ hazelnuts
>Dried fruits like raisins or cranberries or dates
>All natural peanut or almond butter
>Chocolate Chips
>Instant coffee granules
>Chocolate bars or sweeties
>Crushed oat cakes
>Crispy cereals.

12.  When you’re happy with the taste and texture, pour into a lined baking tray (or if you’re clever enough, get a silicone one).


You’ll want to bake these for around half an hour at a preheated oven of 190C. Be sure to keep an eye on them though. Because they’re made of Quark, they stay moist inside for very long. If it looks like the top is burning but the inside is still liquid, then Move them to the bottom of the oven and watch over until you’re happy.
Once they’re done, take them out and leave them to cool before attempting to hack them up. I made 16 from mine, but you can have 12 or even 9 if you prefer bigger brownies.

And that’s it! You have some delicious brownies that are almost good for you!


Macros: (According to my ingredients and brands at 16)

Total: 1,103 calories 67
Per one out of 16 brownies: 69 4 2 6 4 4

Not bad huh?

NOTE 1: If you don’t have Quark or don’t eat cheese then fat free Greek Yogurt will do just as well. I recommend Fage Total 0%.
NOTE 2: If you don’t want to use cow’s milk then almond and coconut is also fine. They may even compliment the flour better.
NOTE 3: 50g liquid egg whites is the equivalent of around 3 large egg whites. You could use one whole egg if you would like but this will alter the constancy.
NOTE 4: I added honey to mine because my bananas were a bit underripe for this recipe so it is optional, but I thought it added a nice touch to them just for a very subtle flavour.


Enjoy your guilt free ChompTimesNom 🙂 You can find these on the MyFitnessPal food database, just search ChompTimesNom Healthy Bownies.

Don’t forget to check my Photobucket regularly to request more!

Smile for me
Ansi xx


About ansistar

Ciao! Armed with a wooden spoon, I'm a 23 year old (18 at heart) Annie with an insatiable hunger to prove myself as something. Welcome to my blog where you will find details of my life and recovery and also my ChompTimesNom! recipes with my little mascot, Chompy. Stop for a coffee, why don't you? Keep smiling xx
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12 Responses to ChompTimesNom! Healthy Brownies Inside

  1. Yum these look tasty!

    • ansistar says:

      Thanks very much! They’re super moist but my unripe banana has left my batch a teeny bit bitter so make sure yours has plenty of black spots on the skin 🙂

      Thank you for checking my blog, please follow the photobucket link and request anything you like! Or if you want a recipe turned healthy I can give that a shot too

  2. Lindsay says:

    Do you have to use flour? Can you use ground oats instead?

    • ansistar says:

      You can use ground oats if you prefer 🙂 though either use more than 20g (I’d hazard a guess at 40g but add slowly til you get a desired consistency) or reduce how much milk or eater you put in. Coconut flour is very drying in comparison to oats

  3. Lindsay says:

    Ok thanks! I haven’t got the flour! How should the consistency be?

    • ansistar says:

      No problem!
      These make an incredibly runny mixture, it’ll sloop around like custard that’s been left out for a few hours and reheated if you know what I mean? It won’t pour but it will slop. This makes then really ooey gooey.
      If you want them to have more of a bite then just use more oats or less milk or water 🙂 almond flour would also work for these. But obviously the nutritiin facts will be altered using this and not coconut flour

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks! I’ll try the oats and try get a sloppy texture!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Oh and is flaxseed a must?

    • ansistar says:

      I hadnr thought of this one. If you don’t have flaxseed then I would suggest adding some finely chopped nuts, cereals or just gradually add a touch more oats. the flax is more for nutrition and and that nutty, grainy flavour or texture rather than being important to the actual makeup of the brownies.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Def will add walnuts!

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