Warning! Filler Blog Post

Okay guys I’ve been a bit inactive lately because I’ve been SUPER busy. First I went to Ayacon (I made a bit of a fool of myself but I learned a lot) and I’ve been to Italy with my family (holy crap what a breakthrough!!) 
If anyone would like more in-depth blogs on either of these topics then please do request. I’ll happily write them if you do but I don’t have the time to write what no one will read so comment if you would like to see some photos and hear about what I got up to, okay? ^_^

In the meantime I’ve taken out a Sunday to organise myself a little bit (and play some KH 1.5 of course! :D) and I’m thinking a lot about the future. I really really want things to start going ahead with my life in terms of food and getting better. Getting better is up to me and I’m slowly making it. This week (assuming I make it til tomorrow) will have been a binge-purge free one. It’s been difficult of course. Everything I look at and think “I could eat that and just get rid of it after” but what stopped me doing so was wanting to beat my streak. So yeah *proud face*. I know I’m not fully better. In fact I’m having moments where I can’t stop crying because I miss my ribcage and hips and spine and how they stuck out at jaunty angles. It’s amazing how some things can disgust you and delight you all at once. But I’m eating. I’m back at the gym and I’ll get well in the end. I promise.

One thing I will say about Italy is that it truly confirmed how much I love food and how much I care about Italy and that even though it’s only a small part of my heritage, it’s a huge part of me. So, because of this I really want to get going with this cooking. 


This is a link to pictures I’ve taken of some of my meals. They look disgusting I realise but these are some of my more successful ones – hence taking photos. These are the kind of things I make. I cook main meals and I bake with protein powders. Please please PLEASE help me kick off this blog by asking for my first recipe post. You can ask from the pics or just request something completely random! You’d really be doing me a solid though. Please and thank you :3 my future’s with you now. 


Smile for me
Ansi xx

Ps, the password is ansistar


About ansistar

Ciao! Armed with a wooden spoon, I'm a 23 year old (18 at heart) Annie with an insatiable hunger to prove myself as something. Welcome to my blog where you will find details of my life and recovery and also my ChompTimesNom! recipes with my little mascot, Chompy. Stop for a coffee, why don't you? Keep smiling xx
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7 Responses to Warning! Filler Blog Post

  1. Thought I already had an account on here, better appreciate it xD
    As I said before fud looks good you crazy gurl, whats the stuff in the 17th pic btw, mixed with the veg?
    I would suggest talking about Italy as I went to Aya and ermmm yeah haha.
    Also keep at it! getting things out in blog posts is surprisingly healthier then you may think.

    • ansistar says:

      They’re konjac noodles honey. Carb and virtually calorie free. If you’ve ever had rice noodles they’re the same texture as those 🙂

      And thank you ❤

  2. ChainALM says:

    That all looks yummy o_o

    • ansistar says:

      If you would like a recipe for one or an alternative to a favourite meal or ANYTHING then

      • ChainALM says:

        Ohmigosh! Where to start? Hmm, I’ll have a proper look tomorrow evening. Off to a friend’s for the night, so I need to be leaving soon ^^;

  3. I’d be happy to read both Ayacon and Italy blogs I must say,

    That is of course providing you’d be happy to write them~

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