Of Constants and Comforts

I am a creature of habit and I take solace in safe choices. As a result, I like to rewatch my favourite shows over and over again instead of seeking out others. A couple of months back I rewatched all of LOST for the fourth time. LOST my sister got me into when I experienced my first breakup and it was a nice comfort for me, which is probably why I like it so much. [That and Josh Holloway is a work of art. Just sayin’]

Anyway, season 4 episode 5 mentions the idea of “Constants”. 

Daniel Faraday explains that when a consciousness travels back and forth through time, it needs a constant to latch on to. A constant is an object or person that exists in both periods of time, that the traveler deeply cares about and could recognize. If a constant is not found, the oscillations between different times will become more frequent and chaotic until the individual dies from what appears to be a severe brain aneurysm. -wikipedia


With the exception of time travel and brain aneurysms, I feel there’s some truth to this. You know when there’s that one person you always come back to? To me that’s a Constant. 

Recently I had a small realisation in my life that I don’t deem appropriate to completely explain but it got me thinking about the Constants in our lives.

Well I think I know who my Constant is, and even though it’s complicated and and even a little taboo it’s something we always come back to. Not necessarily meant-to-be, cause I’m not talking about soul mates here, I don’t believe in them, but meant-to-happen. Isn’t that kind of a Constant?

And what about in the form of just friends? You know those ones where you go months without any contact but when you next speak it’s like you did just yesterday? 


I suppose they come in many forms. Really Constants are some kind of stability and comfort. One that keeps you grounded and brings you back to Earth. 


Or maybe that’s just me 🙂


Smile for me
Ansi x


About ansistar

Ciao! Armed with a wooden spoon, I'm a 23 year old (18 at heart) Annie with an insatiable hunger to prove myself as something. Welcome to my blog where you will find details of my life and recovery and also my ChompTimesNom! recipes with my little mascot, Chompy. Stop for a coffee, why don't you? Keep smiling xx
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