Expo, babe.

So. This is completely unrelated to the title but I HAVE A CAR. She’s beautiful. 
Here she is!


This was taken about 5 minutes after papers were signed. My own car! I love her, but she’s nameless 😦 Any suggestions? 



NOW onto Expo. You wouldn’t exactly call me London’s biggest fan. In fact, like most HUGE cities with an underground railway, I hate it hate it hate it. I like Camden, but that’s because I like shopping. That being said, I will continue to keep going to Expo. Why? It is undoubtedly the most chilled out con (if you can call it that) I go to. I’ve only been to May’s London Expos of this year and last but both have been drama free and so fun! This year can’t be compared to last year’s, which was nothing short of perfection but it was damn good! 

I calmed the fook down and ate food haven’t touched in a while, including Chinese! Strangely I weighed myself this morning and discovered I’ve lost more weight which is confusing me horribly. My only explanation is that I may have finally started my metabolism again. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter now, the point is that I’m eating :3 I also got to meet KimonoTime! 

I cosplayed as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 on Saturday. For those of you that don’t know me well, KH holds a real special place in my heart. When I was 15 and in a very dark place it was the only thing I could look forward to, and sad as it sounds, helped me start things over. So even though I find Kairi a bit frustrating, I felt it was finally time I show my love for the series. So I was all ready to go and feel fabulous at Expo in a different cosplay…then spilled superglue down it. I only cried a little and apparently with some nail varnish remover it can be saved but to say I was gutted is an understatement. The hours and money spent on the costume, all ruined in a moment 😦 

I don’t have any pictures of me in the cosplay yet, but I did a shoot with Sexy Cosplay Girls so when I get those pictures through I’ll put up one of them 🙂 I was too downtrodden to take any myself. On Sunday I decided not to cosplay as I would need to make a quick getaway for my train and it would be easier to just stay in normal person clothes.I missed the train anyway though…so annoying. 

Hey you know what I find REALLY annoying? Arrogance. There’s a difference between confidence and just being cocky. Maybe I’m missing a point here but what exactly is attractive about slutty behaviour?
1. I’m not your babe
2. Why is it so hard to believe not everyone loves you as much as you do?
3. Just…no. 
In some horrifically disgusting way I’m jealous of her. She was confident in her skin, she spoke her mind and wouldn’t take shit. I’ve lost nearly 3 stone and all my confidence. It’s a rare occurrence I’m flirted with these days, and I guess part of me misses that. Who can be noticed with the social butterfly in a tiny skirt in the lime light? Sometimes it feels easier to sit in the corner and pretend you’re okay with how much you’ve changed. Man, is it that how low I’ve sank?

Sunday was spent in the sun. Just chilling out! Could I ask for anything better? I felt wonderful. Honestly so wonderful, and everyone that made me feel that way, just thanks. It doesn’t happen often. Especially to my ‘brother’ who let me stay with him. Love my cookie to pieces :3

I’m so excited for Ayacon now. It’s going to be no drama (I’m running in the opposite direction of any), I’m going to have gained some weight back and a shit ton of confidence, I’m going to be with so many incredible people. It will be perfect. It has to be. 


In other news, I’ve been making more food lately with protein powders to boost me for the gym and up my daily calories. If you want to hear more about this, let it be known and I shall do a whole blog on it. For now, I must be on my way, and continue on with my contented state.


Smile for me
Ansi xx





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