2013. Come at me, bro!

After so many consecutive years of awful happenings, I have had SO much hope for 2013. My last great year was 2009, which really was magical, and I just wanted some good things to happen.


Five days in I didn’t have much hope. I was ill on New Years and on January 5th (the anniversary of my old flat mate’s suicide) my family was nearly completely torn apart by a huge argument. I found myself becoming obsessive in a lot of my behaviour and I found myself wondering what was going to happen to me. 


Since then a lot has changed!! January 18th was my graduation. My friends will know how much I loathed my final year of university and how I resent my 2:2 so much.  The day of graduation was snowing. My feet were blue, my corset wasn’t broken in properly, my robes were uncomfortable…I was not a happy Ansi. Things got progressively better though. 


That night I celebrated with my old coursemates…what a night! Every moment I was so happy, It actually made me miss uni. 

Two days later it was my birthday. I had already celebrated enough and a birthday’s just a normal day for me so I carried on with my usual tasks of job hunting. A few days after that I received an invitation to my first interview and presentation! I was bricking it. I cried and panicked and spent all week trying to perfect my presentation. My interview was so short I thought I’d fucked the whole thing up. Later that day, I got a call offering me the position! I was over the moon! 

My job has been something completely new to me. Not understanding much about “The real world” a lot of information blew my mind. It seems obvious to me now, but back in February I had never even thought that Health and Wellbeing companies existed! I still have my moments at work where I panic and just want to run out, but everything seems to be going rather swimmingly! I don’t hate my job, I hate my own anxiety. 

And it doesn’t just end there, two weeks ago I passed my driving test! (3rd time’s a charm right?)



So they are just a few highlights of 2013 so far. My family are getting closer (fingers crossed), I’m getting a car, I saw Frank Hamilton in concert, I have my first Italian qualification, found a new passion for cooking, I’m getting back into conventions, and I’m finally ready to get over my problems with food and my body image. The only way is forward now. 2013, come at me, bro!

Stay tuned for more on my battle against food, and how I get on with what’s still to come.


Smile for me. ❤


About ansistar

Ciao! Armed with a wooden spoon, I'm a 23 year old (18 at heart) Annie with an insatiable hunger to prove myself as something. Welcome to my blog where you will find details of my life and recovery and also my ChompTimesNom! recipes with my little mascot, Chompy. Stop for a coffee, why don't you? Keep smiling xx
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